Apr 192015

Dillon Markey (Robot Chicken) and Perry Strong Co-direct a music video (Director of Photography John Orphan) for the comedy song Perry recorded and will be releasing on itunes. Now we have to edit! We are shooting for a Late May release. More info coming soon. Here’s a still…


Feb 022015

2015-02-01+20.30.02Perry’s second time at The Iron Mule and The Stick’s first time being screened…on the big screen.  You good! won the Judges Award back in Oct and this time The Stick walked out with the Audience Favorite. Next up for The Stick…The Comic Strip Live Short Film Festival.

Nov 062014

IMG_4714This year You Good! has screened in The Friars Club Comedy Film Festival, LA Comedy Festival, Coney Island Film Festival, Chicago Comedy Film Festival and On October 7th The Iron Mule Film Series screened You Good! and it walked away with the Judge’s Award and will be screened by Iron Mule again in their Best Of 2014 screening January 4th 2015 at 7:30pm at the Leonard Nimoy Theater at Symphony Space in Manhattan. 2537 Broadway New York NY 10025.

You can watch You Good! Online right now on youtube: http://youtu.be/NYANlrcoT_w or Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/55298196

Apr 082014

Hey everybody! I am trying to raise funds to support me in attending the current festivals I have been accepted into:
LA Comedy Festival April 24th (As the Producer/Actor of YOU GOOD!)
Cape Fear Comedy Festival May 7th (As a Stand Up act)

At the moment I’m waiting to hear back from several others in both Stand Up and Producing/Acting submissions) You Good! was just an official selection at the Friar’s Club Comedy Film Festival on April 4th 2014.

I feel like a jerk even setting this up. I bet you think from the looks of my Facebook page, this website, and all the great photos you think I’m killing it at life and don’t have a care in the world, well except for me complaining about my ex girlfriend. The truth is I have some great things going on, but none of those things pay! I have for the most part stepped away from the production world  and have become a true starving artist. I gave up my place in the city and live with my elderly mom in Brooklyn and have been living off of unemployment and random odd jobs.

The funds I raise here will also be used to submit the films  “YOU GOOD!” and another short called “The Stick” which we havent released, to other festivals. If there is any left over it will go towards the pre production of my next short film called “Limerance”

“YOU GOOD!” can be seen here: https://vimeo.com/55298196

My Stand Up can be seen on my website: www.perrystrong.com


To Donate goto: http://www.gofundme.com/85pz2s

If anyone donates more than 10 bucks and you are in NY you can come to my Friday Happy Hour Show at The Stand NYC free of charge.

If anyone donates more than 20 bucks I will send you the password and link to view The Stick online.

If anyone donates more than 100 bucks I will send you a perrystrong.com shirt

If anyone donates more than 1000 bucks I will come sleep with you (No I won’t, well maybe).

How ever you can contribute will be greatly appreciated.


Perry Strong.